Flow Rope Sizing Guide

Slushropes is proud to provide YOU the biggest flow rope catalog on earth - offering a wide selection from colors, length, and size (thickness). It's the only place where you can SHOP ROPES, LIKE YOU SHOP CLOTHES!

1. Colors - The endless amount of colorful flow ropes you see does not stop here! Some ropes also have special features such as being UV Blacklight reactive, glow in the dark, reflective strips (when using flash recording), and more! Make sure to look out for these special features located on each product's "features" section.

2. Length - Gone are the days where all flow ropes are made in ONE length. If it's your future rope, then shouldn't it be made FOR YOU?

Slushrope's is excited to offer FREE IN HOUSE customization services tailored around YOU. All ropes customized in size are FINAL SALE and is a free service upon purchase. However, it may require an additional 5-8 business days for customization (as they are made to order). Don't worry, the best things in life are worth waiting for.

Rope Length Recommendations: 

  • 7 FT - Flowmies who are in between 4'7 to 5'2 in height.
  • 7.5 FT - Flowmies who are in between 4'9 to 5'4 in height.
  • 8 FT - This is the industry standard length, meaning most flow ropes made come in this length. Most people find this length to be the most comfortable choice as it is the most common.
  • 8.5 FT - Flowmies who are in between 5'7 to 6' in height.
  • 9 FT - Flowmies who are in between 5'9 and up in height.

Disclaimer: Some people prefer a flow rope that doesn't touch the ground, a rope that is extra long, while some shorten it to avoid knots.  The information above is simply a recommendation. Most people who utilize this free customization service are flowmies who already own a flow rope and know exactly the length they want.

Because this is final sale, Slushropes wants to ensure that you get all the questions you have answered before purchase! If you would like an in depth rope recommendation, please email info@slushropes.com .

3. Size - Size refers to the diameter of the rope, how thin or thick it is. 

The Size Line Up (thinnest to thickest)

Starter Size - Recommended for ALL beginners. (11mm to 12mm)

Standard Size - Industry Standard Diameter. (14mm)

Protohype Size - Slushrope's #1 and most loved size. (16mm)

Paradigm Size - A unique size that's designed to introduce you into getting into heavy flow ropes without a heavy flow rope. (19mm)

Primal Size - The beginning of heavy ropes. (25 mm)

Primal Plus Size - Heavier ropes. (30 mm)

Primal Push Size - INSANE heavy ropes (38 mm)

Designer Series:

Designed by Slush. Dedicated to those who see life thru the lens of art, with movement. All products here are seasonal and features art on the ropes.