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"Get Your Package Protected" is an optional add-on to any official SLUSHROPES purchased.


USA Orders: There are three ways to ensure extra protection. Please read this entire section to make sure that you select the best choice for you!

  1. "Shipping Insurace" For an additional $2.00 USD, you can get your package protected should it (1) arrive damaged, (2) lost, or (3) mislandled by USPS. *

  2. "Signature Confirmation" For an additional $3.00 USD, you can get your package protected by adding the "Signature Confirmation" Service by USPS. Essentially, someone has to sign for your package for it to be succesfully delivered.

  3. "Full Protection" For an additional $5.00 USD, you can enjoy 100% peace of mind by opting-in for the (1) Shipping Insurance and (2) Signature Confirmation Service from USPS.


International Orders: SLUSHROPES.COM ships exclusively with USPS (United States Postal Service) to provide you with the best shipping rates possible. For international orders, please note that there is typically a "2-step" process when your package travels wherever you are!

Step 1: Your package ships out from Las Vegas, NV USA and travels its way to your country.

Step 2: When your package arrives in your country, your local courier steps in and completes the "local" delivery.

Once your package arrives in its designated country, USPS is no longer able to track your package via the tracking number sent in your email. This is due to the package moving into your local courier who do not share the same tracking system as USPS.


For international orders, SLUSHROPES.COM recommends that you only opt-in for shipping insurance. Adding "Signature Confirmation" will not do anything since your mailing address is outside of the USA.


* All additional services added to your purchase follows the official United States Postal Service Guidelines. Found via WWW.USPS.COM


Have a problem with your order?

If you received your package damaged, please document and take photos. Email: INFO@SLUSHROPES.COM

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