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Introducing the world’s first reflective #flowrope ... The #BLACKMAMBA 💯

I’ve been sitting on this since last year and it took a lot of trial and error to make this magic come to life! If y’all know me personally, you know how much I LOVE LIGHTS and ALL THINGS REFLECTIVE! ❤️ (It’s a slush tingggg!)

The #BlackMamba is a standard sized flow rope (approx. 20% thinner than the #Protohype ) , which is perfect for tricks and all things flow!

This rope is made with a lot of slush tears, there were so many moments (as I was making this design come to life) that I had enough reasons to give up. After grinding my head to the wall for months on end, it finally happened.

I hope that the #BLACKMAMBA reminds you of what it means to have the #MambaMentality ➡️ to commit to constant self improvement as you pursue YOUR HIGHEST POTENTIAL IN LIFE.

This one’s for you. @kobebryant Thank you for making magic in the place I love most. #LosAngeles

Shoutout to the crew 📹: @mimi.visuals and 📸: @ashleesantos_ for believing in me and being by my side every step of the way. I couldn’t have done this without you!

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