"It Was Never Intended."

"@Slushropes" was an Instagram page started by Beyah del Mundo, aka Slush, as her way to keep log of her jump rope journey. As an entrepreneur and co-founder of MILK+T (a queer boba bar based in Los Angeles), jumping rope became her favorite way to get active that fits in her busy schedule. Later on in her journey, she experienced multiple foot injuries that prevented her from jumping rope.

In was through this that she found rope flow. It was the perfect storm. It was still rope related, but this time without the need to jump the rope. It only made sense.

When Slush started her rope flow practice, it was during a time when resources (such as education or peer to peer tutorials) weren't accessible as to how it is today. In fact, it wasn't really understood by many - including jumpers. Most people, including Slush, only had the basic core patterns to learn from but nothing more.

Because of her jump rope background, it only made sense for Slush to incorporate her jump rope influence in her rope flow style. In fact, most of the tricking style you see today in the rope flow community is heavily influenced by her. Things used to be so black and white. It was either pure jump ropes, or purely rope flow. The crossover was never a thing. Until Slush introduced and popularized the hybrid touch. Today, the rope flow practice has expanded into so many different styles which is worth celebrating!

The Beginning

There was a time when flow ropes only came in one size (more or less)...and very little color variation. Slush was outgrowing her flow rope and she wanted more. She wanted something thicker, but not quite like a heavy rope. She eventually was able to put together the perfect rope for herself. She used it everyday and little by little, the internet noticed. Shortly after that, the demand for that rope started coming in through her DMs. Shortly after, at Etsy page was created. Through this, the starting of slushropes.com was born.

The Mission

The mission for Slushropes is simple. It is to get us to play and connect once more with our inner child. Most often times, life can make us forget what sparks us inside. Slushropes is fun. It's play. And it keeps you young.

The Vision

The vision of Slushropes is to paint the world with the message of freedom, play and movement no matter how old your are. The vessel in which we paint the world is through colorful ropes and the culture that makes up #TeamSlush .

Built By, and On Community.

Slushropes has always been built by and on community. From humble beginnings to a worldwide brand, it is important that the jump rope and rope flow community is elevated alongside Slushropes. This means funding community based events, sponsoring flowmies and athletes, and then some!

About #TeamSlush

#TeamSlush is a worldwide community that embodies the culture and core values of Slushropes. If you believe in inclusivity, diversity, and celebrating community - YOU are already part of #TEAMSLUSH! 

Designer Series:

Designed by Slush. Dedicated to those who see life thru the lens of art, with movement. All products here are seasonal and features art on the ropes.