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Hiya! My name is Slush!

It's so nice to meet you.

On this page, I'll take you for a stroll and hopefully give you some extra insight to help you navigate your journey in finding your FIRST FLOW ROPE!

Something I am very proud of: I live and breathe rope flow and jump ropes.

So when you shop here, you can expect someone who lives the lifestyle.

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  • "Which one is the best flow rope to start with?"

    As someone who offers the world's largest flow rope catalog, I recognize that it can feel overwhelming scrolling through dozens of ropes and not knowing where to start. Most people typically start their journey by going thru the "size system" - starting from the thinnest (Starter Size).

  • "How Do I Find The RIGHT ROPE for me?"

    The only way to know is by experiencing it. Flow ropes are very subjective and based on preference. While I might enjoy a very soft rope, you might enjoy a firm rope. All Slush flow ropes on my site include a "feel chart" where I describe through words what it feels like before you buy it. Remember, two ropes might look identical online but it does not tell the whole story. Bonus: The best way to try other ropes is to connect with local flowmies in your area. This allows you to experience it without having to commit to it!

  • "What Length Should I Order?"

    As a rule of thumb and based on a length that fits MOST people, the "8 FT Standard" is the safest choice.

    If you are shorter or taller by average, or have a specific preference the good news is that I offer FREE customization length !

    You can email me at for a FREE in-depth rope recommendation and size fitting!

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  • Buying Flow Ropes Like You Would A Dumbbell

    Rope flow was systemized for mobility training, rather than strength training. Typically, starting with a HEAVY ROPE (Primal Size and UP) is NOT recommended.

  • Heavy Ropes as Your First Flow Rope

    Though this is not wrong, it is typically something that I don't recommend. Why? Because it is much easier to learn than to unlearn. As you start your journey, it's important to get in as much reps as you can and develop great technique. Should you first flow rope be a heavy rope, you are more likely to overcompensate your body and develop poor technique.

  • Cutting The Rope To Adjust Length

    When you cut your rope, you can't go back. Should you need to make your rope shorter, simply add a knot about 6-9 inches off of the handle. If you need it shorter, apply on the other side.

  • Washing Your Rope

    I don't recommend washing ANY flow ropes. By all means, please avoid using the washing machine and the dryer. Should you need to CLEAN your ropes, please do so by hand wash and only the parts that need a cleaning. The best way to ensure cleanliness is by simply sanitizing it (spray or wipe). As a reminder, the moment the rope gets soaked in water you run the risk of changing how the rope feels like. Often times, the flow rope gets stiff.

  • Removing/Changing The Handles

    When you remove or change the handles, you waive the Lifetime Guarantee that comes with ALL Slush flow ropes.

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