Product Warranty | Lifetime Guarantee

Slushropes Warranty + Lifetime Guarantee


*"Slushropes Warranty" applies to "Slushropes" branded products ONLY.*

(A) Slushropes branded flow ropes carry a Lifetime Guarantee!

(B) All other Slushropes products sold via carry a 90 day warranty from Date of Purchase.

Products from Slushropes with a 90 Day Warranty include Jump Ropes, Merch, Equipment, Etc.

  1. Repairs or Replacements: If the product covered by the warranty experiences defects or malfunctions within the 90-day period, Slushropes will offer to repair or replace the item. If the product in claims is no longer in stock and a comparable model is unavailable, a store credit will be issued to the purchaser.

  2. Coverage: Everything sold via that isn't a flow rope.The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship but exclude damage due to misuse, accidents, or unauthorized modifications.

  3. Duration: The warranty is in effect for 90 days from the date of purchase.

  4. Warranty Transferability: The 90 Day Warranty is non-transferrable. You must be the original purchaser.

  5. Limitations: Normal wear and tear is not covered in the 90 Day Warranty. If the replacement product is no longer available, a similar model will be provided.

In order to claim warranty, simply email with (a) 2-3 photos of the rope, (b) name, and (c) order number.

What To Expect: When approved, you must return the defective product prior to receiving a replacement. Slushropes is not responsible for lost or missing packages. As a friendly reminder, adding insurance to your package creates peace of mind.

*Terms and Condition - Slushrope's 90 Day Warranty applies towards all products that are not flow ropes. Products tampered with will not apply.  Exclusions may apply on a case by case basis. Shipping and handling not included.

Lifetime Guarantee


Should your flow rope BREAK OR SNAP due to a manufacturing or product defect you will be covered with a FREE replacement! If the same model is no longer available, you will be offered a comparable Slushropes flow rope. Should this also be unavailable, you will be offered store credit redeemable via without an expiration date.

Lifetime Guarantee claims does not hold any cash value.

(B) The Lifetime Guarantee does NOT cover:

-Wear and tear. Wear and tear is a part of any product life cycle. It is a very beautiful reminder of the work that we've put in! Generally speaking, any and all flow ropes show the most sign of wear and tear at the center of the rope. If you are interested in prolonging the life cycle of your flow rope, it is always recommended to use flow ropes on smooth surfaces such as tile flooring, gym flooring, a workout mat, turf or outdoor grass to name a few. 

-Any defects or damages resulting from tampering with Slushropes branded flow ropes.

*Cutting the rope, adding or removing "parts" of the product, and unknotting the handles are some examples of "Tampering With The Rope".

-Shipping cost of returning the defective rope TO SLUSHROPES and sending the new replacement back to the customer. The customer is responsible for shipping and handling.

In order to claim warranty, simply email with (a) 2-3 photos of the rope, (b) name, and (c) order number.

*Terms and Condition - Slushrope's Lifetime Guarantee applies for "SLUSHROPES" flow ropes only. Products tampered with will not apply. Exclusions may apply on a case by case basis. Shipping and handling not included.

Winding Ropes Product Warranty + Guarantee

Slushropes is in an official partnership with Winding Ropes!

(A) Products manufactured by Winding Ropes and sold via carry a one year warranty and guarantee from manufacturing defects.

(B) Products manufactured by Winding Ropes and sold via can be returned and exchanged under the Slushropes "Love It or Leave It" Happiness Guarantee! Read More

(C) Need Help? email INFO@SLUSHROPES and we'll be happy to help!

WeckMethod Product Warranty + Guarantee 

Slushropes is an authorized WeckMethod dealer.

(A) Products manufactured by WeckMethod and sold via carry a "30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee".

(B) Products manufactured by WeckMethod and sold via carry a One Year Warranty by the manufacturer.

(C) "One Year Warranty" claims will be processed with the manufacturer.


Q: "What products have the Lifetime Guarantee?"

A: All Slushropes branded flow ropes, including B stock flow ropes, carry a Lifetime Guarantee. 100%.

Q: "I cut my rope to make it shorter. Can I claim it under the Lifetime Guarantee?"

A: If you rope has been tampered with, the Lifetime Guarantee will no longer apply.

Q: "What constitutes as "tampering" with the rope?"

A: Adding a knot (or more) to shorten your rope isn't tampering with your rope. However, if you decide that you want to cut the rope, change the handles, remove from or add to the rope then it is considered tampering with the rope (but not limited to). By doing so, you are waiving your rope's Lifetime Guarantee.