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Never Dim Your Light (Designer Series) (Protohype Size)

Never Dim Your Light (Designer Series) (Protohype Size)

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"Never Dim Your Light", for the sake of others. This is the very first mantra-based flow rope debuting from Slushropes. Every single spec of this rope has a deeply rooted significance designed intentionally to remind you to NEVER DIM YOUR LIGHT.

This rope, the "Never Dim Your Light" flow rope, is a neon yellow rope with reflective features that glows in UV light representing the interconnectedness of our actions, their impact on our lives, and the hidden potential within us.

1. **Neon Yellow Color**: The choice of neon yellow symbolizes the vibrancy and energy of life. It reminds us that life is a journey filled with opportunities, choices, and decisions. The bright color suggests that our choices and actions should stand out and be noticed, reflecting our presence and influence in the world.

2. **Reflective Features**: The reflective features on the rope represent our ability to introspect and learn from our experiences. Just as light bounces back from these reflective elements, we too can gain insight and wisdom by looking back on our past actions and their consequences. It underscores the importance of self-awareness and personal growth.

3. **Glowing in UV Light**: The UV light aspect represents the hidden aspects of ourselves that may not always be visible in the everyday world. It signifies our untapped potential, inner strengths, and talents that may only come to light under specific circumstances or when we delve deeper into self-discovery. Just as the rope glows when exposed to UV light, we, too, can shine brightly when we explore our inner selves and bring our unique qualities to the surface.

When we combine these elements, the Never Dim Your Light rope becomes a powerful symbol of self-awareness and personal growth. This mantra-based flow rope encourages us to make choices that not only stand out but also help us learn, grow, and uncover our hidden potential. It reminds us that our journey through life is not just about the visible actions we take but also about the inner transformation and self-discovery that can occur when we reflect on our choices and tap into our true selves. In essence, it represents the profound idea that our actions are not just external manifestations but also a reflection of our inner journey.

    Product Features

    • Size: Protohype (see size chart)
    • SlushGrips: 2 Knot (Circular Grip)
    • Doubles as a Weighted Jump Rope
    • Include "Just Flow Baby"  Bag
    • UV + Blacklight Reactive
    • Reflective Features (Use Flash Recording)

    Rope Specs

    • Length: 8 Feet (Default)
    • Thickness: Protohype Size (see size chart)
    • Weight: 1.3 lbs (approximately)
    • Rope Color: Neon Yellow
    • Grip Color: Neon Yellow
    • SlushTails: Black

    "Feel" Specs

    • The medium firm braid profile gives this rope more whip compared to the Electric Squeeze, Flamin' Bolt, Throttle, and Slushburst.
    • When using this rope, you can instantly feel how the circular knots change the way you grip the rope.
    • The rope feels firm and heavy.
    • The rope grows with you. The more reps the rope gets, the more the rope expands.


    • Some flow rope experience recommended
    • People tend to use this rope for: Overall Performance, Free Flow, Tricking
    • May be challenging for beginners but a great investment rope to grow into.
    • Slush's All Time Favorite Rope
    • Disclaimer: Please seek professional medical guidance and approval before using any products from SLUSHROPES.

    Customization Service

    Slushropes is proud to offer FREE customization length services upon purchase.

    By purchasing an item with a "Custom X ft." variation, you agree to the additional 5-8 business days on top of the regular fulfillment period. On the other hand, standard 8 ft lengths are in stock and ready to ship. If you are interested in a shorter or longer rope but need help with a rope fitting, fill out the form here.

    Size Chart

    Click here to see sizing guide comparison.

    The sizing guide, ranked from thinnest to thickest, are as follows:

    • Starter
    • Standard
    • Protohype
    • Paradigm
    • Primal
    • Primal Plus
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Kingsley - American Bully
    Great rope!!

    As my first rope, I found it easy to handle. The weight is nice and I love the whirl sound as I flow. Plus it screams at me to pick it up every time I look in it’s direction - the yellow is BRIGHT!!!

    Tameka Brown

    I use this rope every single night since I got it and it’s so smooth and easy to flow with! I love how it feels in my hands, and I can’t wait to learn more things with it!




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    1. Want a different color? Want something else? I'll be happy to exchange any unused merchandise within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked. 
    3. Customer is responsible for shipping back the order. A  replacement will be issued once the return has been received. Simply email for instructions.
    4. "" is not responsible for any returning merchandise lost or damaged while in transit. Make sure to pack your return in a box with the shipping label and opt in for signature confirmation!


    • Mystery Boxes
    • Custom Ropes (in length)
    • B Grade (Cosmetic defects, slightly used, etc.)
    • All products are 100% guaranteed to be fully functional.

    FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

    "I want to start my jump rope/rope flow journey but I don't know where to start. Can you help me?"
    -Yes! Rope recommendations and fittings are ALWAYS free. Simply send an email to with the subject: "Rope Recommendation" to receive a full fitting. Include as many details about yourself and your goals that you are comfortable sharing.

    "What is rope flow?"
    -Rope flow is a movement practice systemized to increase our body's mobility. In simpler terms, rope flow allows us to move our body better in 3d movement.

    "Can you explain rope flow like I'm 5 years old?"

    -Rope flow is like jump ropes but for your shoulders, arms, and brain! It is a really fun activity that most times will feel like play. When you learn to flow, you will feel very flexible and upbeat every time you use it! Be careful though! It's highly addictive! It keeps you young!

    "Do you ship to my country?"

    -Slushropes ships worldwide.

    "How can I save on international shipping?"

    -The best way to cut down the cost of international shipping is to get in touch with your local flowmies, friends, or family who would be interested in splitting an order with you! Most international customers purchase this way.

    "Will there be a customs fee for my international order?"

    -Each country has its own laws, rules, and jurisdictions. is not responsible for any customs fee related to your order.


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    Flow Rope Sizing Guide

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    Customization Service

    • Made for YOU, not THEM.
    • Slushropes is proud to offer customization services for flow ropes. This free-of-charge service is tailored for those who have a specific length in mind.
    • Customization Service = Custom Lengths
    • Lengths will only go in half feet increments. For example: "7 ft, 7.5 ft, 8 ft, etc."
    • This is a free service. However, it may require an additional 5-8 business days to process your order. Don't worry, the best things in life are worth waiting for.
    • Need it sooner? Rush services are available.
    • All custom orders are final sale. Customers are highly encouraged to email first for a full rope fitting before purchase.
    • Learn more here


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