The Last Flowbender: Exploring the Elements (Part 1)

The Last Flowbender: Exploring the Elements (Part 1)

Interview with CJ Kobliska - The Last Flowbender, a Movement Exploration x Slushropes Collaboration

Earth. Water. Fire. Air. 

In a world divided into four elemental factions, the balance of power was once maintained by the harmony between the ambitious Flame Nation, the harmonious Hydro Tribe, the strong-willed Earth Explorers, and the spirited Air Wanderers. Each faction wielded mastery over their respective flow element, shaping the world around them and living in harmony with nature in Slushworld.

However, a great upheaval occurred when the last Flowbender emerged.

In this story, CJ Kobliska is the last Flowbender. Along with other movement practices, CJ uses rope flow to journey inward and connect to his truest self, while inspiring others to do the same.

CJ Kobliska kneeling at the beach with ropes draped around his neck

In this interview, CJ dives into his rope flow journey as we launch The Last Flowbender Collector’s Series!


For the people who don’t know you, tell them a little bit about you.

I’m a multi-dimensional movement coach. People don’t come to me looking for a multi-dimensional movement coach, but I like to think of myself as a bridge builder. If someone comes to me and says, “Hey, this is where I’m at, this is where I want to be and what I want to do,” I help them get there. I use movement to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. 

How long have you worked with Slush? How did that relationship start?

I think it was 2020, or maybe late 2019, I took the Weckmethod cert. And after learning about rope flow, I went online to see how I could get my own ropes. I saw Slush on Etsy selling a flowmie pack, and I thought, “I can get 4 ropes in 1, that’s sick! I can share this with my friends!” Then I started following Slush on Instagram and loved the energy she was putting out, and then we were best friends! That was right around the time she was setting up her website, so she was putting out new ropes - I mean I have a big rope collection because I just kept going back because she’d have one in a different color or she’d release one that was heavier. She was the only one doing what she was doing at the time, and that allowed us to collaborate later on when she came out to Gymnazo and did a rope flow workshop with us, and eventually worked with us on the coil ropes.

What do you love about rope flow?

I’m going to give an artsy answer first and then a more practical one. When I hold the rope in my hands, it’s like a tether to my truest self, and I have the opportunity to fully express myself through my hands. Now when I pick up the rope, it’s really less about the cool moves and learning new tricks, and it’s more about what I want to say with my body, my hands, and my movement. I can fully  be myself. It’s a dance, a form of free expression. For me, the rope is the ultimate tool to become present with the moment. Practically, I like to use the rope as a warmup, or cool down, or between sets. I can take the rope anywhere; when I’m traveling for work or whatever, the rope is the one piece of equipment I can take with me. And sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything at all, but I pick up the rope, and 30 minutes later I feel warm and loose, and I’m ready. It’s pure joy.

CJ Kobliska throwing a flow rope in the air

What’s your favorite rope flow move?

Alternating underhand sneak. It’s the bridge to every other other move. When I’m doing 2-point alternating underhand sneaks, I can align myself with how I am on this earth right now. It has limitless potential. I get so locked in I could do sneaks walking in a crowd and not hit anyone because I’m just that in tune and aware. And I might start rolling it, and I can tell when my focus is lost because I’ll hit myself. I also love that I can switch my hands up and throw with double shakas! Oh, and dragon frolic! I love a good dragon frolic, there’s nothing like seeing 70-year-old women here at Gymnazo do this move, and then a 20-something stud is looking like, “How the heck do you do that?” And then you get the 70-year-olds trying to teach the 20-year-old, and it’s just a beautiful thing.

Okay, so do you watch Avatar? If so, who’s your favorite character?

Yes, Uncle Iroh. He’s just so chill. He’s been through it all: he’s seen stuff, and he’s just like, “Naw, we’re just gonna chill.”

Tell me about the elements and the design process for the ropes. How are they integrated into your flow? Which element are you?

Slush really did everything for the design of the ropes, she just asked me to take the concept deeper. This collab came at just the right time it feels like, like we’ve been writing this since the beginning. At Gymnazo, our Q4 2023 programming was based on the elements. Every week, we focused on a different element. Earth was all about grounding, stability, being rooted, and having patience in those practical movements. Water was all about fluidity and adaptability - not having a set form, but being aware of your form. There were a lot of figure 8s in the water week. Fire - everything was explosive, expressive, and focused a lot on our extremities. Air was all about breath, feeling light, and getting off the ground. I’m fire. But I enjoy the shift of perspective I feel when I take a more grounded, fluid, and light approach to my movement practice.

You’re creating a flow to go with each rope, what can you tell me about them?

Well, I can’t tell you everything because I’m not done with them yet. I can’t finish them until I have the rope in my hands you know? Each flow is a movement prayer, a celebration, exploration. Each flow is my iteration of how I express that element within me. No matter what rope you buy, all the flows are doorways into the others. The flows have components from our Rope Flow and Spherical Movement courses and explore some other movement principles found in various physical training methodologies, like the lunge matrix, diagonals, spirals, coils, shapes, and fascial tensions. Ultimately, you can tie each flow together. But no matter what, each flow is meant to help you explore deeper into yourself.

The Last Flowbender Collection is the very first launch of the Slushropes Collector’s Series. Collector’s Series will be released in small batches, never to drop again. They’ll come with a Certificate of Authenticity, and each rope will have a print of its number based on circulation to show the product’s rarity.

The Last Flowbender Collection is a 4-part series with one element/rope released every Tuesday starting March 12th. You can collect the Hydroflow, Aetherflow, Terraflow, and Fireflow ropes only at


Author: Gabi Bradley


Edited by: Tameka Brown

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