The Last Flowbender: The Flows (Part 2)

The Last Flowbender: The Flows (Part 2)

The Last Flowbender: The Flows from CJ Kobliska

In part 1 of our conversation with CJ Kobliska, we dove deep into his rope flow journey and what led to the Movement Exploration x Slushropes Collaboration. CJ shared what he loves most about rope flow and his energy could be felt through the page. Now, you can feel that energy yourself!

CJ has taken his own expression of each element and created an exclusive flow to match each one. These flows utilize the concepts discussed in the interview and are designed to allow you to explore deeper into yourself as you put the concepts into practice. Each element comes with two flow videos: non-guided and guided.

So, whether you're new to rope flow or looking to refine your skills, get ready to connect and explore!

Note: Videos will be added here as they're released with the ropes.







The Last Flowbender Collection is the very first launch of the Slushropes Collector’s Series. Collector’s Series will be released in small batches, never to drop again. They’ll come with a Certificate of Authenticity, and each rope will have a print of its number based on circulation to show the product’s rarity.

The Last Flowbender Collection is a 4-part series with one element/rope released every Tuesday starting March 12th. You can collect the Hydroflow, Aetherflow, Terraflow, and Fireflow ropes only at

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